50 essays a portable anthology 4th edition table of contents

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50 essays a portable anthology 4th edition table of contents

Moses Receives the Law illustration by a Carolingian book illuminator circa The Tabernacle also exhibited similarities with Mount Sinai.

50 essays a portable anthology 4th edition table of contents

Both Mount Sinai and the Tabernacle had three separate areas with increasing levels of exclusivity — one for the people generally, one for the anointed class, and one for only the single representative of the people; [36] the tablets of the law [37] a cloud; [38] and God's presence.

He saw the Tabernacle's two parts accessible to the priests the Holy and the Courtyard to denote the land and the sea, the third division set aside for God the Holy of Holies to represent heaven, inaccessible to people. He saw the 12 loaves to denote the year divided into months.

He saw the Menorah divided into 70 parts, representing the 70 divisions of the planets, and the seven lamps on the Menorah to refer to the course of the seven planets then known. He saw the veils, composed of four things, to declare the four elements: It was a separate species, and the Sages could not decide whether it was a wild beast or a domestic animal.

It had one horn on its forehead, and it came to Moses providentially just for the occasion. Moses made the Tabernacle's covering, and then the tachash disappeared. A king had only one daughter, who married another king.

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When the son-in-law king wished to return to his country and take his wife with him, the father king told him that he could neither part with his daughter nor tell her husband not to take her, as she was now his wife. The father king thus asked the son-in-law king the favor that wherever the son-in-law king would go to live, he would have a chamber ready for the father king to dwell with them, for he could not bear to leave his daughter.

Thus, God asked the Israelites to make for God a house wherein God might sojourn wherever the Israelites went, and thus Exodus And the Midrash taught that many things in the Tabernacle reflected things in heaven. Of heaven, Psalm Of heaven, Isaiah 6: Of heaven, Genesis 1: And what is more, the Midrash taught that God holds the things below on earth dearer than those above, for as Exodus The Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael posited that one might argue that since the Temple service occurs even on the Sabbath, then perhaps the preparation for the service, without which the priests could not perform the service, could occur even on the Sabbath.

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One might conclude that if the horn of the altar broke off or a knife became defective, one might repair them on the Sabbath. Rabbi Isaac explained with a parable. A king took a wife whom he dearly loved. He became angry with her and left her, and her neighbors taunted her, saying that he would not return.

Then the king sent her a message asking her to prepare the king's palace and make the beds therein, for he was coming back to her on such-and-such a day. On that day, the king returned to her and became reconciled to her, entering her chamber and eating and drinking with her.

Her neighbors at first did not believe it, but when they smelled the fragrant spices, they knew that the king had returned. Similarly, God loved Israel, bringing the Israelites to Mount Sinai, and giving them the Torah, but after only 40 days, they sinned with the Golden Calf.

The heathen nations then said that God would not be reconciled with the Israelites. But when Moses pleaded for mercy on their behalf, God forgave them, as Numbers God replied that God would cause God's Shechinah to dwell in their midst, and thus Exodus And thus Exodus And Moses saw prophetically that Solomon would one day build a Temple, much larger than the Tabernacle, and yet in 1 Kings 8:download 50 essays portable anthology 4th edition download free ebooks about Pdf to read on the plane or the commuter train, whereas print books are heavy and bulky.

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50 essays a portable anthology 4th edition table of contents

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