A look back at my life

Being in Oaxaca during the celebration of Dia de Muertos, Day of the Dead, takes our experience to another level altogether.

A look back at my life

A cop saw me and stopped me.

Feeling one’s way forward

Fortunately, I talked my way out of going to jail that night. My 20s started out with a bang. At the time, I was aimless. I had just dropped out of music school and cut my long, tangly hair.

I would sometimes lecture people about the spiritual aspect of consciousness and had a number of half-baked ideas about the theory of relativity and whether the universe actually existed or not.

I was smart and audacious and arrogant and really annoying. Three days from now, I will be turning 30 years old. I will be in Las Vegas and probably completely out of my mind when it happens.

When i look back over my life at all god's done for me songs lyrics

We rarely wake up one day and suddenly notice wild, life-altering changes in ourselves. No, our identities slowly shift, like sea sand getting pushed around by the ocean, slowly accumulating into new contours and forms over the passage of time. My 20s certainly were dramatic.

Here are some of the things I learned: Fail early and often; time is your best asset When you are young, your greatest asset is not your talent, not your ideas, not your experience, but your time.

Time grants you the opportunity to take big risks and make big mistakes. The difference between an unemployed year-old with debt and no serious work experience and an unemployed year-old with debt and no work experience is basically negligible in the long run. This is the time in your life where you have the least amount to lose by taking some long-shot risks, so you should take them.

They are the best lessons of your life. You both just know. I left Boston in the Fall of and came back eight months later to spend the Summer of there. Many of the people I was closest to when I left could hardly even be bothered to call me back when I returned.

Yet, some of my more casual acquaintances slowly became the closest friends in my life. When I was 24, I sat down and wrote down a list of goals I wanted to accomplish by my 30th birthday. The goals were ambitious and I took this list very seriously, at least for the first few years.

The value in any endeavor almost always comes from the process of failing and trying, not in achieving. It starts with choosing and getting into a university.“As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” - Steve Maraboli.

Practicing whole body awareness and receptiveness with one, two or three other friends was for a long time my favorite way of developing body literacy skills and energetic strength, but I eventually discovered that my relationship with life is like any other intimate relationships: it really requires one-on-one time!

And the more I make time for it, the deeper and sweeter it becomes. Dec 29,  · A look Back at my life Woobie Loading Unsubscribe from Woobie87? As I Look Back Over My Life - Duration: TheTOG4life 12, views. Gucci Mane. To be frank Sir looking back doesn't change anything but it gives us a lot of experience which we gain from our mistakes and if I get a chance to change my past then I would like to change my decision which I taken at the time of college life the decision is earn while learning and it really disturbed my studies.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. My InterpretationHere is the context of this song: That guy was with Sally but is now with a new girl.

A look back at my life

About Sally: Sally left him, but she regrets. By being alone again, and looking back at their story together, she realises the mistakes she .

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