An introduction to the life and literature of mary higgins clark

Eliot once said "This is how the world ends not with a whimper, but with a bang. Not with bang but with a whimper.

An introduction to the life and literature of mary higgins clark

No significant differences between the noise-exposed pigs and controls were observed for rate of feed utilization; rate of weight gain, or food intake, nor was there injury or anatomical change to the organ of Corti of the inner ear.

Heart rate of a large number of weaned pigs was measured before, during, and after sound exposure Bond et al.

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A telemetering electrocardiograph that records heart rate was used to eliminate possible effects of human presence. After a constant heart rate was observed, the experiment was begun. Test recordings of heart rate were made during 15 seconds of prestress, 15 seconds of noise exposure, and 30 seconds of quiet recovery period.

I've Got My Eyes on You by Mary Higgins Clark

Heart rate increased significantly during sound exposure, but decelerated rapidly after the sound was discontinued, although not to baseline rate. No evidence of cochlea injury was found in any of the animals.

Histological examination of the thyroid and adrenal glands indicated no evidence of impaired function. Under the conditions of the study, no evidence was found that the pigs were significantly affected by noise. The temporary increase in heart rate was the only indication that noise caused stress.

Pigs, boars, and sows were exposed to reproduced aircraft noise and other loud sounds to determine possible harmful effects on reproduction Bond et al. The tape recording consisted of propeller-driven aircraft, jet aircraft in flight, and airfield background noises.

The animals were exposed to sound frequencies varying from dB. The conception rate of sows exposed to the recorded sounds was similar to that of unexposed sows.

The number of pigs farrowed and the number of survivors were not influenced by exposure of the parents to loud sound during mating, or by exposure of sows to reproduced sounds at dB for 12 hours daily, beginning 3 days before farrowing and continuing until their piglets were weaned.

The initial physiological responses to sound measured in sheep were heart rate and respiratory rate Ames and Arehart Early-weaned lambs were exposed to three sound types: Each sound type was studied at two sound pressure levels, 75 and dB.

The IMS consisted of the following sounds: White noise and music exposures were continuous. The control period was 21 days with a background noise level of 45 dB. Initial exposure to and dB white noise did not cause a change in heart late in acclimated lambs.

In nonacclimated lambs, initial exposure to dB white noise significantly increased heart rate. During the entire test period, nonacclimated lambs exposed to dB white noise had significantly higher heart rate than lambs acclimated at either 75 or dB.

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An introduction to the life and literature of mary higgins clark

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An introduction to the life and literature of mary higgins clark

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