Argumentative working part time while going to school

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Argumentative working part time while going to school

Besides providing extra spending money, a job while in college teaches time management skills, helps pay off student loans quicker and teaches students how to balance work, life and school.

Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to take on paid internships, which helps students get a job after graduation. Many internship opportunities turn into full-time jobs after college, saving on the need to hunt for a job.

Many successful careers have begun for students who work while going to school. Balancing Your Life When looking for work as a college student, consider employers that offer flexible scheduling or understand the need to attend classes at specific times. Build the work schedule around the need to study, attend class and get plenty of sleep.

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Many colleges have programs to employ students on campus. A campus job can help save on transportation costs and still help meet schooling needs. Balancing work, college, family and a social life can be complicated, but it teaches students how to manage time effectively.

Time management skills are some of the most important skills to learn, especially before getting a full-time job. These skills will help students throughout their lives as they mature.

Employers look for recruits that have the ability to manage time effectively and prioritize. Besides learning important prioritization and time-management skills, a job while in college teaches students how to manage finances.

Getting a handle on finances in the early stages of a career teaches students how to save for the future.

Argumentative working part time while going to school

A job while in school not only provides needed spendable cash, it can help defray expensive loan costs by paying down on loan fees while in college. Developing financial skills while still in college will pay dividends for years to come.

To manage student activities and a job, consider a balanced plan to help manage all that has to be done. Make time for recreational activities or exercise to prevent burnout. Choose a job with ties to a school major to help gain field experience before graduation.

Some colleges provide work credits that can help toward a finished degree. Build Up Real-Word Experience Working while attending college also provides real-world experience, which is beneficial after graduation.

Employers prefer hiring college students that also have on-the-job experience, as this demonstrates responsibility and a sound work ethic. Job experience establishes credibility as an employee; it shows strength of character and the ability to juggle the work-life balance.

Student work-experience programs are available at many colleges.

Argumentative working part time while going to school

Students gain needed job experience, and college credits while working up the ladder. Working while attending college helps defray costs that might have ended up as part of a larger school debt. A job while attending college also teaches students how to set goals and objectives, communicate with co-workers or supervisors and prepares students for a career.

Setting Your Priorities Students must remember that schoolwork and schedules are the first priority when working while attending college. Take advantage of school and summer breaks to work a full-time schedule when studies are not a priority.

Save as much money during these periods to lessen the need to work more while school is in session. Put money away for college needs, books, meal plans or to put on loan fees. Learning to manage finances prepares students for the ebb and flow of life.

Students that develop sound financial practices in college, including developing savings plans, stand a better chance of being financially successful throughout working life.

While it takes a greater commitment and ability to balance school and working, getting a job while in college gives students an edge over students who just attend college without working.

Besides instilling a strong work ethic, working while in college makes a graduate more attractive to an employer.Home > Opinions > Education > Should students work during high school?

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Should students work during high school? Having a part-time job during high school is a great, slow transition into adulthood. Report Post. Like Reply. 0. 0 I can speak from experience the hardships of working a job and going to school.

I have to. Should students work during high school? 62% Say Yes 38% Say No Why the fudge not Having a part-time job during high school is a great, slow transition into adulthood. Report Post. Like Reply. 0. 0 I can say working while studying is a grade killer. After school, many students tend to do their homework then take the rest of the day.

"Working on campus is also a great way to connect to your community and make you feel a part of something," Kaylor says.

It also gives students a chance to . Holding down a job while in college puts a lot on your plate – you can’t just go with the flow and hope for the best.

Every hour of every day must be scheduled, and if you don’t organize, prioritize, and take control of your time, you may end up dropping the ball. The advantage of working while in school, especially high school, is the chance to learn time management.

Working will force a person to complete work ahead of . Balancing High School and Part-Time Work a high school senior, says that working at McDonald’s has helped her grow as a person.

“Honestly, before I got this job, my attitude was bad. found her career path when she started her job at a pharmacy while in high school. She says that she loves learning new things on the job every day.

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