Financial crisis in ireland and groupthink

Governance at these banks also fell short of best practice. While procedures and processes in Anglo existed on paper, in certain cases they were not properly implemented or followed in practice. It appears that, at least in the latter years, only a handful of management was aware of all activities of the bank. At INBS, a number of essential, independent functions either did not effectively exist or were seriously under-resourced.

Financial crisis in ireland and groupthink

Jobs Groupthink Inthe United States experienced one of the worst economic disasters in its history. Years of speculation in the U.

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In response, stocks suddenly tanked and over-leveraged banks failed. When the chaos finally subsided, people began asking how such a thing could have happened. Why did banks assume so much risk? Why were unqualified borrowers granted large mortgages?

Some of the answers may be found in groupthink theory.

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People affected by groupthink usually feel pressured to conform to the views expressed by an influential group leader. They hesitate to voice concerns for fear of being shamed or ostracized, and, in the absence of dissent, they assume all other group members approve of the decisions being made.

Outsiders who raise objections are often regarded as enemies and dehumanized. Groupthinking most often arises in homogenous, insulated groups that possess no clear guidelines for decision making. Illusion of Invulnerability — The group believes failure is impossible.

Collective Rationalization — Group members invent reasons to ignore warnings and refuse to objectively evaluate their stance on an issue.

Inherent Morality — The group assumes all its actions are ethical and beneficial. Stereotyping — The group creates negative views of opposing groups to avoid rationally addressing objections to its activities.

Direct Pressure to Conform — Members are discouraged from dissenting. Self-Censorship — Members willingly refrain from expressing doubts or objections. Illusion of Unanimity — Because dissent is never voiced, members assume everyone in the group agrees with the decisions made.

Mind Guards — Some members voluntarily act to shield the group from dissent or criticism. When groupthink occurs, creativity, mental efficiency and moral judgment become impaired. Group members refuse to fully assess risks and reject expert advice.

The global financial crash: the role of mainstream economics

Once alternatives are discarded, they are not reevaluated. Since the group believes it is immune to failure, it refrains from making contingency plans. Many symptoms of groupthink can be seen in the events that lead up to the financial crisis.

Wall Street CEOs believed their companies were too big and profitable to fail. Investors trusted portfolio managers who said credit default swaps based on risky mortgages would result in guaranteed returns. Unprecedented levels of leveraging were rationalized in light of soaring stock prices and wide profit margins.

Bankers and homeowners assumed the housing boom would continue indefinitely, leading many people to sign for mortgages they could barely afford.

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Economists, accountants and regulators who expressed concerns about the situation were effectively threatened, marginalized or ignored. Other famous examples of groupthink can be found throughout history.

InPresident John F. The event, known as the Bay of Pigs Invasion, ended in disaster.

Financial crisis in ireland and groupthink

Similar circumstances contributed to the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger in Eager to launch the shuttle on schedule, NASA managers ignored warnings about launching in low temperatures. Engineers who first opposed the launch for safety reasons later assented.

Seventy-three seconds after the shuttle took off, it burst into pieces, killing all seven of its crew members. Whether a group will succumb to groupthink depends on the norms the group establishes for decision making.15 The Financial Crisis and the Great Recession the financial crisis that commenced in and its aftermath have been widely referred to as the “Great recession”—and with good reason.

Conformity Of Global Financial Leaders Led To Financial Crisis. Global financial leaders made faulty decisions because as a group they lost touch with reality and had an inherent poor moral compass. Soros Buying Gold On BREXIT, EU “Collapse” Risk The cosy consensus and groupthink of economic recovery continues and there is a remarkable lack of a plurality of opinion and lack of debate regarding the risks posed to savers and investors today.

There Will Be Another “Huge” Financial Crisis – Silver Price To Surge % on. Understanding the Housing Market Crisis. by Jason Jenkins Thursday, February 16, Yesterday, I wrote about securitization and how it revolutionized the mortgage market.

Today, I’m going to explain how it ties into the financial crisis A perfect storm of events led to the meltdown in Jul 19,  · A prime example of groupthink is the recent financial crisis in Ireland where banking institutions and the Department of Finance believed in the “efficiency of financial markets” (Nyberg Report, ) to regulate themselves which ultimately proved detrimental to the entire nation.

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