Personal development plan example essay

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Personal development plan example essay

Hire Writer A Personal Development Plan PDP is a form of self-managed learning Personal development plan example essay is owned by the individual and enables a strategic approach to setting learning and development goals.

It provides people with the opportunity to benefit in terms of receiving feedback, planning their careers and receiving support from their line manager for their professional and personal development. For the organization, PDPs provide a mechanism for managing and developing people effectively, enhancing quality of working life and supporting the provision of quality services on a value for money basis.

PDP is a working strategy which helps identify development needs. The impetus of PDP lays with the individual taking responsibility for own development and not sitting back waiting on someone else to do it. The focus is on development versus task, which signifies that the process is continuous by its very nature.

The individual is developing, not just learning, and a new task.

Personal Development Plan - Assignment Example

PDP is a planned approach to setting development objectives. It ensures that people are equipped and skilled to deal with existing or future job roles — they are not merely reacting to a situation when it happens. Personal development planning ensures that employees receive recognition for their work through a process which acknowledges their achievements and provides them with as much information as possible about what they do and what is required to do it better.

This should have the effect of increasing their motivation.

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A personal development plan sets out the actions people propose to take to learn and develop themselves. They take responsibility for formulating and implementing the plan but they may receive support from the organisation and their managers in doing so.

A PDP provides individuals with a clear framework for assessing their current situation, identifying where they would like to be in the future and developing a plan outlining the learning and development required getting there. As emphasised above, it is the individual who is primarily responsible for his or her own personal development plan and who determines the scope of the plan.

However, individuals should work with those around them line manager, peers and direct reports to identify their needs, and any learning and development needs and opportunities should be discussed with the line manager.

Personal development plans can vary in focus. Job related development focusing solely on the individual at work the development objectives are closely aligned with departmental or organisational objectives and the plan may focus on the individual development needs required for enhanced performance in the current job.

Career development focusing on the career development of the individual this ensures the alignment of individual career planning and organisation career-management processes so that the optimal match of individual and organisation needs is achieved Walton, Many organisations offer opportunities for career-related training as a means to attract and retain ambitious and highly-motivated staff.

Non-work related development focusing on the development of non-work related skills, the absence of which may be limiting the overall personal effectiveness of the individual Examples include learning a foreign language, going to the gym, etc and this kind of development can help to decrease stress-related illnesses and aid in the achievement of work-life balance for the individual.

Training and development can ensure that your staff reach and maintain the required standard, and help you in the achievement of goals.Personal Journey Into Medicine Personal Development Essay The presence of the doctor is the beginning of a cure-goes the proverb.

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Personal development plan example essay

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Personal development plan example essay

4. Easy organizing strategies for fabulous essays. Want a good grade on your essay? Instructors and testing agencies assign a lot of personal experience type essays and so it is. Essay on Management and Personal Development Home \ Free Essay Sample Papers \ The elaboration of the personal development plan that meet leadership requirements starts with the definition of goals the plan is supposed to reach.

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