Technical writing agile development tools

Project close Used as a roadmap to accomplish specific tasks, these phases define the project management lifecycle.

Technical writing agile development tools

February 22, scrumexpert Tools 6 Trello is a free on-line project management tool that provides a flexible and visual way to organize anything. This approach is naturally close to the visual boards used in the Scrum or Kanban approaches. As the tool as an open architecture, some extensions have been developed for a better implementation of Agile project management in Trello and provides additional features like Scrum burndown charts.

Updates February 12 The rich capabilities of Trello cards allow attaching different information to them. Cards can manage due dates, acceptance criteria, progression tracking, and document attachment.

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Tags, called labels in Trello, support the structure of information about your work. Multiple boards have naturally to be used to manage the different aspects of Scrum in Trello. Trello list and cards example.

technical writing agile development tools

Trello offers a public API https: Progress Bars help you visualize your Sprint progress instantly with unobstrusive background progress bars on both cards and lists. This extension is made to be simple, install it and start giving super powers to your Trello.

This is especially useful for anyone using Scrum or Agile project management. The free version forces you to manage your burndown chart outside Trello on a specific web site, but there is also a paid version that let you use this tool inside Trello.

The paid version has also extended features like burnup charts. It allows creating high level views of your Trello boards and its features include burndown charts, cumulative flow diagram, cycle time charts and counts of bugs.

The first part is a 3 step configuration that tells the second part what to visualize. It features a lead time chart that shows lead time over time, a 30 day moving average and a 7 day moving average. At this moment it has Trello and Jira Agile integration. See embedded charts and much more to quickly analyze and detect issues.

It brings a carefully selected set of metrics to keep the project team informed of its progress. You can display a Sprint burndown, track your cycle time and monitor the progress of your release plan.

It adds Agile functionality to Trello so that it can be better used for Scrum projects. With Scrum for Trello, you can add estimates or record time-spent directly on Trello cards.

You can show the sums of estimates at the top of each list and the top right corner of each board. Based on past velocity, it helps teams to estimate the time it takes to complete the remaining stories. Sprintiz talks securely with Trello.Zoho Sprints - Online Agile Project Management SoftwareSimple to Scale · Scale Agile to All Levels · Simple for All TeamsService catalog: Project Planning, Project Tracking, Remote Management.

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Its Jira Agile add-on facilitates key agile strategies, including the development of user stories, building of sprint backlogs, and visualization of team activities. Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products (Agile Software Development Series) - Kindle edition by Jim Robert Highsmith.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products (Agile Software Development Series).

In this MadCap Flare technical writing tutorial, we look at how to add meta tags to your WebHelp. Madcap Flare: how to add meta tags to HTML5 and Web Help You can add meta tags to your web files: In Project Organizer, click Targets, then open your target, for example, HTML5.

For additional information regarding Waterfall/Agile development and how it impacts technical writing, please refer to previous blog posts written by Eric Sedor and Shaun Kelly.. Moving a product out the door to capitalize on market demand is a necessity – it’s simple economics!

Agile is an umbrella term for a vast variety of methodologies and techniques, sharing the principles and values of iterative approach.

We review them in detail.

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